Sweet Home Theater Setups – Gators Fan Paradise

We’ve seen some downright outlandish home theater setups before–the irish pubs, the starship bridges, even home theaters built around Bentleys and Harleys.  Today we venture into the sports fan side of home theater with a look at a sweet home theater setup built around the Florida Gators.

There’s two sides to this setup–one, the Florida Gators fan, and to that end the place is jam-packed with Gators memorabilia, University of Florida gear, autographed balls and jerseys and plenty of blue and orange.

But the other, the sweet home theater part, comes with all manner of choice hardware, including a Sony Blu-ray disc changer, a 7.2 surround sound system, a one hundred and ten inch Stewart filmscreen with a matching Sharp XVZ-20000 1080P DLP projector.

Between the sheer preponderance of sweet home theater gear in this setup and the incredible love of home and team being shown here, there’s no doubt that this has to be a truly sweet home theater setup.