Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Basement Walkthrough

I love what YouTube has done for home theater systems.  Not only is it a great content provider, but it also allows people to take us on video walkthroughs of their home theater setups and show us what absolutely UNBELIEVABLE home theater setups some people have put in place.

And this one starts out simply enough, by opening up the basement door and walking past a set of framed posters.  It doesn’t take long before we’re in the thick of the theater, though, with a foosball table in the back and a set of leather home theater seats in front of a huge projector screen with, not surprisingly, a ceiling mounted projector.  I would’ve liked for this guy to give a few more specific brands, but that’s okay–he was nice enough to show us through so we can make do.

He does, however, mention that the poster cases come from Jo-Ann Fabrics, which I did not know they actually offered.

But that doesn’t really matter–all that matters is this is a plain old sweet home theater setup, no matter HOW you look at it, and I look at it as sweet.