Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Single Car Garage Conversion

Man, I love it when  people take video of their sweet home theater setups for us to have a look at and maybe get some tips about.  But I’ll tell you this much, I love it even more when people show up what they started with!

Today, we’re checking out the conversion of a single car garage into a sweet home theater setup, and this one really started from scratch.  You can see cords and cables and assorted less identifiable bits hanging around everywhere, and somehow, it all manages to coalesce into this beautiful home theater setup.

In fact, I love the comments from the guy who did it–check out what he said:

I keep the back side open whenever it is in use, I also hooked up an attic fan that blows air into the theater room and sucks out of the laundry room behind the electronics. It is a tight fit but they keep cooler than my other electronics in the other room that are on a shelf. I? will probably eventually install some small fans in the cabinet itself. I need to post some pics of the things we have added since, ie movie posters, candy shelf, mini fridge, etc. Build one!, You will love it!

One, that fan idea is a good one.  Those electronics can build up a lot of heat, and unless they’re ventilated correctly, they can actually damage themselves with their own heat.  And you’ve got to love the extra little touches he’s talking about putting in; sure, you can watch movies without a candy shelf and a popcorn maker, but somehow, that’s just not the same.

The video of this fantastic setup going in is below, and you too can see what an incredible job he did setting this up.