Sweet Home Theater Setup-Stargate Atlantis

Well now, that’s more like it.  So I found another awesome themed home theater to discuss today, and it really is a sweet home theater setup.  It’s made up to look like part of the set from Stargate: Atlantis, which makes it somewhat different from the Stargate SG-01 home theater we just finished talking about (to be fair, it also could’ve been a straight Stargate home theater as it really only featured the Stargate, and that could be from either property).

Once again, the owner makes the serious mistake of cutting off portions of the screen by framing the rectangular surface inside the circular Stargate, but that’s not going to get in the way of the sheer awesome going on here.

It’s got THX speakers from Atlantic Technology, a Blu-ray player, two four hundred disc Sony DVD carousels for a whopping eight hundred title max availability and a Control4 system to run it all.

What really makes this sweet is that the doors are–get this–driven by AIR PISTONS, hidden in pockets when opened.  You just wave your hand in front of a motion sensor and, whoosh, the doors open and you’re neck deep in the Stargate: Atlantis home theater.

That’s plenty of reason to call this a sweet home theater setup, and so, that’s exactly what I’m going to call this.