Sweet Home Theater Setup – Freaking in the Purple Haze

One of my favorite old Bloom County strips featured an evening of television around Bloom County, in which the TV invited viewers to purchase a collection of sixties classics.  Their pitch included the line “Who could ever forget such timeless classics as “Freaking In The Purple Haze With A Flying Hippo”?

And today’s sweet home theater setup profile invites you to do exactly that, only without the hippo.

The biggest feature of this room is clearly the sheer amount of purple, which was one of the owner’s high school colors.  But it’s not just purple that packs ‘em in on this theater, no sir–it’s also the great hardware.  There are Klipsch speakers, Berkline seats, a Da-Lite screen of indeterminate size and a JVC projector.

By the time you connect all these critical points together, you reach one inexorable conclusion: if it looks like a sweet home theater setup and watches like one too, then you know full well it has to be one sweet home theater setup.