BestBuy Presents Rocketfish Wireless Whole Home Audio System

The new Rocketfish wireless whole home audio system from BestBuy will literally let you get rid of the tangle and clutters of messy wires. Without compromising sound quality, the system will let you send audio wirelessly throughout your home. Available exclusively at BestBuy, this affordable line of digital audio products is compatible with almost any brand and upgrade equipments.

The Rocketfish utilizes the new Rocketboost wireless technology, for standard connections. The product line includes a Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver, a Wireless Sender/Receiver, a Wireless Outdoor Speaker and a Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit. All these devices combined can send up to five sources to nine receivers throughout the home.

Bring home the new Rocketfish wireless home audio system and customize your home entertainment experience to meet your specific needs.