Sweet Home Theater Setup: First Extreme-The Basement

We’ve all seen our share of basement home theaters around here, right?  Many of us either have one or long to have one, one way or the other, so it’s kind of odd to refer to it as an “extreme”.  It is, however, a bit unusual in that all the gear is EXPOSED.

Yes, exposed.  As in, right out in the open. As in, no closets or cubbyholes or any other such folderol.  All the gear, from the Onkyo receiver to the Playstation 3 to the Panasonic projector is all sitting out in the open.  According to the guy who set this place up–which really does look like a pretty sweet home theater setup, all issues about exposure aside–he liked the exposed equipment for the “twinkling lights” (otherwise known as “phantom load”) the room would provide.

The guy’s got some room to talk, especially given how sweet the setup actually looks, and how well it works overall, so some allowances can be made.  This is, after all, still one sweet home theater setup.