Video On Demand Wont Get You Past Advertisements

If you’re hoping to use video on demand and your digital video recorder as a way to avoid advertising in your home theater, don’t.  They’ll find you anyway.

A practice called “advanced TV advertising”, which includes measures to insert ads into DVR and VOD recording, is on track to exceed four billion dollars in revenue by 2014, and also on track to generate a hundred and thirty million by the end of this year alone, making advanced TV advertising an up-and-coming force in the TV ad market.

If you find being forcibly advertised to just a little too intrusive and think you might be able to get some help from the government, then I’m sorry to announce that that too will get you nowhere, as there are actual Congresscritters who agree with the belief that watching television without also watching commercials is full-on theft.

So it looks like, unless you decide to go to an all-DVD entertainment diet, you’ll be stuck watching commercials on TV for some while to come.