Sweet Home Theater Setup…For Sale. Bret Saberhagens.

You read that headline right, folks–if you ever wanted one of the home theater setups of major sports figures and celebrities and such, you’ve got the opportunity right now.

Bret Saberhagen, who’s put his gated Calabasas home up for sale at a whopping three and a quarter million dollars, wanted to move closer to the ocean.  But what he’s left behind is a minor miracle in and of itself.

Not only does it have some really choice accoutrements like a wine cellar that seats twelve (how do you seat people in a wine cellar?  Do you have a table down there too?  Man, I’m wildly out of frame in my architectural design theory.) and more bathrooms than bedrooms (five bed, six bath), but what we’re here to talk about is the audio visual hardware.

There’s a lot to love about this setup, and if you’ve got the urge to go three and a half million into debt, well, you can have it too.  And I’ll bet you could even haggle a bit, what with the way the economy is and all.

Now, a sports figure like Saberhagen, you may not be surprised to know that he’s got a sports bar in there too.  And it’s got FIVE big screen TVs.  But that’s not where the AV joy ends, no sir–he’s also got a full on home theater, and though they weren’t terribly specific with the real estate listing, it can be ascertained from the photo that there’s a projector and matching screen in there, along with speakers and what looks like Berkline chairs.