SVS AS-EQ1 Sub EQ Standalone Room Correction System



The SVS AS-EQ1 sub EQ is a new standalone room correction system. SVS joined forces with Audyssey Labs, a name that has become synonymous with room correction, the AS-EQ1 provides computer interface and dual subs. The unit features a magnetic faceplate which covers all the controls and most of the lights. The SVS and Audyssey logos are positioned on the faceplate but not the control face underneath. This has got your mic inputs and outputs and your USB connection.

The AS-EQ1 is configured to be used with your receiver/processor’s Auto EQ system. If you plan on using it, you connect the receiver/processor calibration mic up to the mic passthrough port on the front of the AS-EQ1 and run the auto calibration. For more information, please visit  Retail for around $799.