Sonys Projector Line up at the InfoComm 2008

Sony's Projector VPL-EX50

Sony in the recent Infocomm08 exhibited a line of LCD business projectors ranging from entry-level compact units to networked installation models. Designed to produce a higher aperture ratio, these models deliver images brighter than previous High Temperature Poly-Silicon (HTPS) LCD-based systems. All these projectors contain Sony’s unique BrightEra™ imaging technology in it which allows the projectors to achieve high resolution and quiet fan noise.

Jay Chung, marketing manager for LCD projectors in Sony Electronics’ Professional Display Group, said, “Professional customers are looking for projectors that can perform under diverse conditions, whether it’s brightness to counter high levels of ambient light or increased resolution and contrast for analyzing data. The BrightEra technology allows a projector to meet these demanding display requirements.”

This projector line up includes models like VPL-EX50, VPL-EX5, VPL-EW5, VPL-FX41, VPL-FX40, VPL-FE40, VPL-FW300L and the VPL-FH300L. All models of this series are equipped with a short focal-length lens that makes the large-screen projection from a very short distance easier. Therefore, these are ideal for long-throw projection in large auditoriums to short-throw rear projection in museums or classrooms. The use of 12-bit Gamma Correction Circuitry in these projectors has made image color and brightness look uniform across the entire screen viewing surface. Through the use of a network you can verify the projector status, on or off power and also can send automatic email reports to designated recipients.

Let us now have a look at the price and availability of the Sony’s Projector Line ups:

VPL-EW5 $1,410 now available
VPL-EX5 $1,050 now available
VPL-EX50 $1,270 now available
VPL-FE40 $7,950 now available
VPL-FE40L $7,350 now available
VPL-FH300 $40,000 now available
VPL-FW300 $27,000 now available
VPL-FX40 $6,150 now available
VPL-FX40L $5,550 now available
VPL-FX41 $6,270 available in November
VPL-FX41L $6,000 available in November

Via: Sony