Svlvania LC320SLX Television Review-Pretty Decent At A Pretty Decent Price

Sylvania, folks, is not a brand we run into very often around here.  It’s not exactly top of the heap, but in these days of penny pinching and dollar watching, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an excellent alternative to a LOT of overpriced televisions.

The Sylvania LC320SLX is a thirty two inch 720p LCD that includes two HDMI inputs, digital audio output, two fixed speakers and burn-in resistance.

Now, there may not be a whole lot of bells and whistles on this thing, but it does have some really nice features to it, namely, two.  It works really well–the picture is nice if a little on the light side, which can probably be corrected by a little contrast calibration, the sound is good quality and the controls are fast and easy to pick up–and it’s a really great value.  How great?  How does three hundred seventy nine bucks sound?  And that’s not a Black Friday price, either.  That’s an every day price.

Thus, the Sylvania LC320SLX is a great value that provides solid service.