Sun Microsystems Worlds First One Terabyte Tape Storage Drive

Sun Microsystems, Inc. has again raised the bar on the storage industry with the release of its new and industry’s first one terabyte tape storage drive. Designed to offer the customers one terabyte of native storage capacity on a single cartridge for open or mainframe systems environment, the new Sun StorageTek T10000B is an Eco-efficient tape drive.

“Sun has again delivered on its promise to help customers achieve greater datacenter efficiency and raised the bar on the industry by bringing the world’s first one terabyte tape storage drive to market,” said Jason Schaffer, senior director, storage marketing, Sun Microsystems. “The high capacity Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drive works with the fast access Sun StorageTek T9840D tape drive to optimize customers’ multi-tiered storage architecture and cut datacenter space requirements in half.”

The Sun StorageTek T10000B offers proven reliability and availability in high duty environments. It is capable of protecting the customers’ investments and maximizes IT return on investment by providing the second generation of media re-use and backward read/write compatibility.

The new Sun StorageTek T10000B Fibre Channel Tape Drive will be available at a price that starts from $ 37,000 from July 2008 onwards.

Via: Press