Sony Releases James Taylor and Three Classical SACDs

Continuing their December SACD releases, Sony Music has issued 4 more SACD discs. This set includes a Multichannel SACD of October Road by James Taylor as well as three Classical SACDs: Bach: Arias by Angelika Kirchschlager, Vivaldi: Violin Concertos by Giuliano Carmignola, and Chopin: 24 Etudes by Murray Perahia. On the classical SACDs, the first two are also Multichannel SACDs while the Murray Perahia SACD is a Stereo only SACD release.

All of these Sony Music SACDs are Single Layer SACD discs. The Multichannel SACDs have a Multichannel SACD and Stereo SACD track while the Perahia SACD has a Stereo SACD track only. These discs are only playable on SACD equipment. Here’s some more details on these SACDs:

October Road
by James Taylor
Single Layer Multichannel SACD

(Columbia CS 63584)

October Road is James Taylor’s first new studio album in 5 years. It reunites Taylor with producer Russ Titelman, who worked with him on the albums Gorilla (released in 1975) and In the Pocket (released in 1976). Appearing on the album’s title track are guitar legend Ry Cooder and saxophonist Michael Brecker. October Road is James Taylor’s third Multichannel SACD from Columbia Records. Unlike his last two Multichannel SACDs (Hourglass and JT), this one has a more subtle 5.1 mix that uses both the center and surround very sparingly on most selections.

Album Selections
1. September Grass
2. October Road
3. On the 4th of July
4. Whenever You’re Ready
5. Belfast to Boston
6. Mean Old Man
7. My Traveling Star
8. Raised Up Family
9. Carry Me On My Way
10. Caroline I See You
11. Baby Buffalo
12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Bach: Arias
by Angelika Kirchschlager, Mezzo-Soprano
Single Layer Multichannel SACD

(Sony Classical SS 89924)

Austrian-born mezzo-soprano Angelika Kirchschlager performs the cantata arias of Bach on this new Multichannel SACD, which also features the Venice Baroque Orchestra led by Andrea Marcon, and violinist Giuliano Carmignola. The recording includes arias from several Bach cantatas, as well as the Mass in B minor, St. Matthew Passion and Christmas Oratorio. In addition, the Venice Baroque Orchestra performs the Sinfonia from Cantata No. 156.

Album Performers

  • Angelika Kirchschlager — Mezzo-Soprano
  • Giuliano Carmignola — Baroque Violin
  • Andrea Marcon, Venice Baroque Orchestra

Album Selections
1. Erfreute Zeit — from Cantata No.83 Erfreute Zeit im Neuen Bunde
2. Vergnugte Ruh — from Cantata No.170 Vergnugte Ruh, Beliebte Seelenlust
3. Schlummert Ein, Ihr Matten Augen — from Cantata No.82 Ich Habe Genug
4. Nichts Kannmich Erretten — from Cantata No.74 Wer Mich Liebet, Der Wird Mein Wort Halten
5. Wo Zwei Und Drei Versammelt Sind — from Cantata No.42 Am Abend Aber Desselbigen Sabbats
6. Herr, Was Du Willst — from Cantata No.156 Ich Steh Mit Einem Fuss Im Grabe
7. Erbarme Dich — from St. Matthew Passion
8. Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde — from Cantata No.54 Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde
9. Laudamus Te — from B Minor Mass
10. Sinfonia — from Cantata No.156 Ich Steh Mit Einem Fuss Im Grabe
11. Bereite Dich Zion — from Christmas Oratio
12. Wie Soll Ich Dich Empf Angen — from Christmas Oratio

Vivaldi: Violin Concertos
by Giuliano Carmignola, Violinist
Single Layer Multichannel SACD

(Sony Classical SS 87733)

As with the previous release, this Multichannel SACD features Violinist Giuliano Carmignola and Andrea Marcon leading the Venice Baroque Orchestra. Carmignola has appeared as soloist with major orchestras throughout Europe and has been a professor of violin at the Venice Conservatory for ten years. Carmignola has become a leading exponent of the Baroque violin style, particularly in Italian music of the 18th century. For this new recording, Marcon and Carmignola have selected six concertos for violin and orchestra from the composer’s unpublished works.

Album Performers

  • Giuliano Carmignola — Baroque Violin
  • Andrea Marcon, Venice Baroque Orchestra

Album Selections
1. Concerto In B Minor
2. Concerto In D Minor
3. Concerto In F Major
4. Concerto In E-Flat Major
5. Concerto In B Minor
6. Concerto In E-Flat Major

Chopin: 24 Etudes
by Murray Perahia, Pianist
Single Layer Stereo SACD

(Sony Classical SS 61885)

On this new Stereo SACD, Classical Pianist Murray Perahia performs Chopin’s complete Etudes, Op. 10 and 25. Perahia’s previous Chopin recording, featuring the composer’s four Ballades, was a nominee for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance in the 38th annual Grammy Awards. According to early reviews, Perahia’s playing on the album is well done and the sonics of the recording has also been praised.

An interesting note is that despite the rather confusing album jacket credits that say the disc was recorded in DSD and with 24 bit technology, I was able to confirm with Sony that this SACD is indeed taken from a DSD master. Also of note, the back cover of the SACD says «SBM Direct» was used. SBM Direct is Sony’s system of taking a DSD Master and converting it to Stereo PCM for CD release. So while SBM Direct may have been used for the regular Stereo CD of this release, it wasn’t used on the SACD as this release is a Single Layer SACD — with no Stereo CD track at all.

Album Selections
Tracks 1 — 12: Chopin’s 12 Etudes, Opus 10
Tracks 13- 24: Chopin’s 12 Etudes, Opus 25

The new James Taylor SACD of October Road is now available at web stores that carry SACDs including Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Red Trumpet. The three new Classical SACDs are available at these web stores as well as retail stores including Tower Records and some Media Play and Sam Goody stores that carry SACDs.
Chopin: 24 Etudes by Murray Perahia (Sony Classical SS 61885)Chopin: 24 Etudes by Murray Perahia (Sony Classical SS 61885)