eBay Sony Music Store Offers SACDs on Sale [HFR]

In an interesting twist this holiday season, the Sony Music Store section of eBay is offering 289 of Sony Music’s SACD discs on sale. The prices range from $16.98 to $19.98 for single disc SACD discs (vs. the regular list price of $19.98 for Sony Music Stereo SACDs and $21.98 for Multichannel/Stereo SACDs) and $36.98 for 2 disc SACD sets (vs. the regular list price of $38.98 for these).

To find the SACDs on sale, visit the web link to the eBay Sony Music Store below. Then enter “SACD” as the search term. The web site will return a list of the 289 Sony Music SACDs on sale. Each title has 100 copies available for purchase at the sale prices.

The discs have a set price and buyers from some states will be charged sales tax in addition to a shipping charge if you buy 1 SACD from the eBay Sony Music Store. If you buy 2 or more SACDs from the eBay store then the shipping is free.

Of particular note here is the Michael Jackson “Thriller” Stereo SACD disc which some retailers have temporarily sold out of while awaiting more copies to be pressed by Sony. According to this web site, 99 copies are still available at the $16.98 sale price.

Also of note, all of the SACDs on the eBay Sony Music Store are marked “Multichannel/Stereo” even though many are are actually Stereo only SACDs.

Potential buyers should also be aware that all of these SACDs are Single Layer SACDs, which indicates that they are only playable on SACD equipment. With those caveats, take a look and see if there are some SACDs of interest here. It could be an interesting way to fill in some of the gaps in your SACD collection.