Sony presents new projectors: VPL-DX15 and more

Sony has presented a couple of new projectors that will go straight into the D- and M- series. Also known as business projectors, the high-quality devices will only been released in Japan, at least for now.

D- Series:
– VPL-DX10 – 1,024×768 pixels of XGA resolution, 2,500 lumens of brightness, and a price tag of $1,500
– VPL-DX11 – same features as the previous model, but with 3,000 lumens of brightness and costs $1,700
– VPL-DX15 – similar to the previous models, but this one has Wi-Fi and is priced at $2,000

As for the M-Series, the starting price is $2,150 for the VLP-MX20, and $2,500 for the VPL-MX25. Main difference when comparing with D- series is the thickness: only 45mm.