Sony NAS-E35HD JukeBox

Sony might be famous for the best sound quality packed in fashionable sound systems. However, it has broken new grounds by also offering a stunning storage capacity. The multifarious digital jukebox allows you to store up to 15,000 songs on its 80GB hard-drive. Another reason to smile is its sassy design and utility functions.

Listen to your favorite genres, store them in different folders and play them on your ease. Surprisingly, it also lets you edit files and create your personalized music library in no matter of time. The jukebox features Gracenotes database and music recognition software. It categorizes and labels up the songs, thereby automatically arranging them into themed playlists.


  • 2 x 30W (RMS)
  • USB MP3 Recording
  • iPod Dock
  • CD/Tuner
  • Recording Format : Linear PCM,MP3
  • Slide Monitor with 3 lines FL Display

The 5Kg Jukebox comes with price tag of 498,000 won only.