Sony KDL52Z5100 Television Review-All Around Great Television

Sony, meanwhile, comes from seemingly out of nowhere with a terrific unit at the last minute–the KDL52Z5100 definitely took me by surprise when I first saw this one.  It packs plenty of quality in one single package, so let’s get right in and take a closer look.

The Sony KDL52Z5100 is a fifty two inch 1080p LCD television with two component video inputs, one composite video input, one digital audio output, three HDMI inputs, one S-video input and two USB ports.

The Sony KDL52Z5100 has a fantastic picture and terrific sound to match, along with some highly easy to use controls on the side.  There’s so much to like about this system that it’s hard to be too positive about it.  And considering they’re asking seventeen hundred bucks for this sucker it’s hard not to see why they think they can get that kind of price. This is just entirely too fine a television for words.