Hulu Makes A Deal With Warner Brothers

Uh oh…Hulu just got itself a shiny new toy in the growing streaming media wars–a content agreement with none other than Warner Brothers.

Specifically, Hulu got the rights to show “music videos, concerts, and other programming” on their streaming site.  Brit rock group Muse will actually be the first on the menu on Hulu.

Now this actually piques my interest.  It’s definitely a new and exciting development, and one that should have competing music site Vudu shaking in its boots.  But it may also want to give YouTube and Netflix pause–if Hulu starts getting movies, TV AND music, it might just get a content edge over the other two, who are focused largely on movies and TV.

I emphasize the term “might” in there–being regarded as a one-stop content purveyor definitely doesn’t hurt the old market share numbers, but just having the content may not be sufficient against things like accessibility and ease of use.

So it’ll take some time to see how it all boils down, but it’s definitely a fight worth keeping your eyes on.