Sony KDL46W5150 Television Review-Sounds Better Than It Looks

It’s odd how sometimes a television might sound vastly better than it looks, or look vastly better than it sounds, but that’s exactly what will go on today with the Sony KDL46W5150.

The Sony KDL46W5150 is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that comes with four HDMI inputs, one component input, one composite input, and a PC input.

Like I said, this is a strange one in that it sounds a whole lot better than it looks–sometimes I question whether some of these I look at are 1080p, because they get horrible artifacts and stutters in the video and suchlike, and you really wouldn’t expect that kind of thing out of the 1080p.  Maybe they’re not properly calibrated or something, I’m really not sure what accounts for big quality differences like that.  Suffice it to say that they’re there, whatever it is that’s causing the differences.

The sound is great, the picture poor, and the controls easy to handle.  You’d expect more than this out of a seventeen hundred dollar television (depending on where you shop), but that’s what you get from the Sony KDL46W5150.