Sony KDL46S5100 Television Review-A Foul Ball From Sony

Oh man…normally I don’t have much a problem when it comes to recommending Sony, but this model definitely is the exception.  It proves, handily, that even the best barrel of apples on Earth can have a rotten one or two snuck in.

The Sony KDL46S5100 is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television in the Bravia line, and as such comes with Bravia Sync and Bravia Link capability.  Plus, it also offers three HDMI ports, two component inputs and a PC input.

Now, I don’t know where they get off calling this a 1080p.  When I saw the horrible picture, packed full of more artifacts than the entire Tomb Raider series, I truly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Oh, sure, the sound was actually really good, but the picture was just horrendous.  It was almost like it couldn’t keep up with the image it was processing, so it was slipping a bit in the hertz cycle or something.

I usually have an easy time recommending people take a look at a Sony, but not this time.  This is just incredibly inferior to most of Sony’s own lineup.  And considering they’re charging about twelve hundred bucks for this is just an insult.