Sony KDL40S5100 Television Review-An Excellent Overall System

The Sony Bravia line has produced a shockingly large number of choice television systems that leave me almost speechless every time I get a good look at a new one.  So it’s no real surprise to me that the Sony KDL 40S5100 is an equally choice system.

The Sony KDL40S5100 Bravia is a forty inch 1080p television with three HDMI inputs that can handle up to 1080/60p input as well as two component jacks and one PC input.

As I said above this is a beautiful TV.  The sound quality is excellent, and the picture is just as much.  The controls are easy to operate with some great sidemounts, and the overall unit is thus just as good as the sum of its parts.  This is an excellent system, and the fact that you can pick one up for eight hundred and fifty bucks (or right around seven hundred if you’re willing to buy used) should put this one to the top of your list if you’re looking to pick up a new TV.