Are Your Sweet Home Theater Setups At Risk?

From an article in Connected Home magazine online, I read a piece about how themed home theaters, like the kind we feature every day here at Cyber Theater, are posing serious problems for home theater installment companies and should therefore not be done anymore.  Specifically, the issue at hand was should installers no longer accede to homeowners’ wacko requests to make their home theater look like the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Unless Connected Home Magazine has been harboring a secret desire to change its name to Shoot its Own Industry In the Foot Monthly, the answer had damned well better be “no, we’ll meet every homeowner’s request no matter how idiotic or infeasible as long as their checks clear and/or the request itself is not specifically illegal or otherwise impossible.”

Seriously, Connected Home!  Sure, you can mention that a change a homeowner wants isn’t going to be helpful and in fact may make something unnecessarily complicated.  That’s just the right thing to do.  But once you’ve done that your ethical responsibility is at an end.  You’re being paid to do a job– you don’t refuse a request unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so.  Doing otherwise will make sure you don’t stay in business very long.

For those home theater installers out there who think it might be a good idea to turn down a customer request that’s merely stupid, note this: there’s always the next name in the phone book.