SiS328 HDTV SoC Chipset Unveiled

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. has announced the unveiling of a new high integration SiS328 HDTV chipset for Full-HD digital LCD TVs in the market. The new chipset was developed to provide TV makers a wider range of advanced high definition LCD TV products and solutions.

A splendid achievement in state-of-the-art integration levels and superior Audio/Video performance, the SiS328 chipset integrated 3-input triple-ADC, dual-input HDMI v1.3 receiver, multi-input & multi-standard analogue video decoder with 3D-comb filter, multi-standard SIF decoder, two USB v2.0 ports, 5 analogue audio stereo inputs, MPEG-02 A/V decoder, high quality sound processor and DNVETM colour engine.

With the superior picture quality, stable software and competitive cost, SiS328 has been widely adopted by major TV brand vendors for their next generation high quality Full-HD digital LCD TV products and expect to launch in early Q2, 2009.

(Source) SIS