Shuttle SP35P2 / SP35P2 Pro PC

Featuring the new Intel P35 Chipset, the new Shuttle SP352 / SP35P2 Pro PC is the latest product launched by Shuttle. It is designed to support the latest Intel multi-core processors up to 1333 MHz and the soon to be released Intel 45nm processors.

Shuttle SP35P2 Pro PC incorporates the Fingerprint Recognition Technology to ensure that all your personal documents and information remain safe. Apart from this, it provides a faster data sharing with e-SATA and an innovative USB Speed-Link feature. On the other hand, Shuttle SP35P2 features Intel High Definition Audio. Not only this, it comes with 7.1 channels surround sound to deliver an exceptional multimedia entertainment and gaming experience.

The new Shuttle SP352 / SP35P2 Pro PC is going to be a hit among gamers as they will be able to take the advantage of its higher memory performance with very less power consumption to run high memory applications like high definition video and 3D graphics.

Via: Shuttle