shure e2c

Shure E2C

Shure has an impressive record of service in the field of hi-fi. Many (world famous) artists use these products’ including their in ear monitors.

The Shure E2c stems from the low-end E-series, just like the E3C en the E5C. The difference is in the speakers. They are designed for the consumer market and in particular for use in combination with an mp3-player.

The body is robust, with fairly thick cables. This makes it a bit heavier and bigger than comparable IEM. As far as I’m concerned that is the biggest advantage. The Sony MDR EX71, e.g., is much more vulnerable. This makes the Shure E2c a perfect choice if you’re looking for gear that stands some rough handling and offers, at the same time, approximately the same sound quality as the EX71.

shure e2c

As to sound quality: the E2c is not the best choice in its price range. The bass is a bit too strong and somewhat blured in my opinion. It shouts down the rest of the spectrum, which is a shame. It prevents the middle and high tones to come out properly. They are certainly not as detailed as the ER6. Depending on your taste, this could however, be an advantage.

To make your bass sound alright you have to push the IEM fairly deep into your ears. The (hard) clear flex sleeves are (to me, at least) absolutely not comfortable, that is why I use foamies. Once you have reached a good seal the surrounding sounds are perfectly blocked out.

In short, the proportion of price to quality of the E2c is fine. If you don’t want to be too careful with your IEM the E2C is a good choice.