Thinksound ts02 in-ear headphones

We have previously reported on the MEElectronics A151 in ear headphones, and, as promised, we will cover another inexpensive in-ear […]

Astro Gaming A*Star In-Ear Headset

Astro Gaming has come out with some interesting gaming accessories before, and the A*Star is one of the most recent. […]

Creative EP-630 In-Ear Earphones

EP-630 In-Ear Earphones Creative has introduced a new way to jazz up your portable devices such as MP3 or DVD […]

shure e2c

Shure E2C

Shure has an impressive record of service in the field of hi-fi. Many (world famous) artists use these products’ including […]

Sennheiser CX300

Sennheiser CX300

Sennheiser is almost equivalent to quality in head phones. This German company has to keep up its reputation when it […]

Sony MDR-EX71

Sony MDR-EX71

A lot of people (including me) who decide to up grade their standard ear plugs, choose initially for the Sony […]