Sharps WiFi-enabled Freestyle AQUOS portable TV

We have reported on TV products from Sharp before, like that 70-inch screen that they had before.

This is a portable TV from the Freestyle AQUOS collection, and it is 20-inch job that is WiFi enabled. It has DLNA support which allows users to access their media library via the remote control.

The digital TV tuner is just one of the features, as it also has a built-in kickstand for an interesting viewing experience. It is definitely redefining what we will think of when it comes to a portable TV.

So I guess this could be used in a home theater, perhaps it could be put on your shelf, and then grabbed on the way out. Unfortunately, it is planned for a Japanese release, and there is no word of when it will be released in the states. The price in Japan will be about $1,220, which seems pretty expensive for a portable one, but you got to like the color selection of black, white, or pink.