Samsung 32-inch 3D Smart TV, the D6350

I think we all know that Samsung is up to a lot when it comes to TVs, like the Samsung PN50C7000 Plasma Television and the Samsung PN51D8000 Plasma Television.

Samsung has 3D Smart TV with a 32 inch screen known as the D6350. It is similar to a 40-inch model that the company has out.

The D6350 also features a 3D Hyper-real engine, Full HD resolution, a Crystal Black Panel, and Smart-real motion in order to reduce cross-talk and flicker, which in turn reduces eyestrain, headaches, as well as dizziness. Also, apparently anything from the soap operas to the late night news will be done in 3D. Other features include access to apps and services all across the Internet, social networking, and other things.

The Samsung D5350 is planning on going on sale in Korea for $1,202. Like the Mitsubishi Blu-rays players, we have no way of knowing if it will come to North America or Europe.