Sharps AQUOS LC-65XS1U-S and LC-52XS1U-S HDTVs get priced

Sharp Electronics has come up with two latest LCD HDTVs, which include 52-inch LC-52XS1U-S and 65-inch LC-65XS1U-S. Both HDTVs are fully loaded with the advanced technologies and awesome features to offer amazing viewing experience.

The new HDTVs sport 10-bit Advanced Super View (ASW) LCD panels and support excellent native 1080p resolutions, AQUOS Net capabilities, as well as an RGB-LED backlight. Both offer amazing dynamic contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1 for brilliant and rich images.

Both HDTVs also support Strong Color Reproduction Scale, which appreciably increases color exactness for murky scenes and also supplies a brighter, additional brilliant range of colors.

The Sharp AQUOS LC-65XS1U-S will put on sale at a suggested price of $12,225, while the LC-52XS1U-S at just $9,243.

Via: Engadget