Sharp Shopping for Partner in LCD Business in China

With the rising demand for LCD TV dramatically rising, it is not surprising that Sharp Corp. of Japan is exploring options to expand its LCD manufacturing bases. And while they have their share of local factories, it seems that the need to branch out to other countries has become a need. And one of the countries Sharp is eyeing is China.

China seems to be a feasible place to set up a new factory for their LCD production needs. For one, China is among the top countries who have a large demand for LCD TVs. So should a local factory be put up in China, this becomes beneficial to Chinese locals considering they can instantly get an LCD if they should be buying and have a local service station that can address LCD problems should they come up.

Sharp President Mikio Katayama said that they sold 1.04 million LCD TVs in China last year and is expected to exceed its sales target of 1.2 million LCD TVs for the current business year.

(Source) China Knowledge