Evans & Sutherland Laser Projector- The ESLP 8K

This newest Evans & Sutherland Laser Projector, the ESLP 8K, is the world’s highest resolution production video projector, and it provides brilliant 3D images at an amazing 4K x 4K resolution. The ESLP 8K offers unique rewards when it comes to displaying 3D stereographic video. Because of its zero-persistence characteristic, the projector can effortlessly switch between left-eye and right-eye views at 120 Hz or more, with no “bleed” between the left and right views. The result is a noticeably clearer separation and 3D effect, when compared to using active stereo glasses with an LCoS or LCD projector.

For customers that require switching between 2D and 3D images based on the video content being displayed, the ESLP 8K includes flexible control software that allows users to change the display format from 3D to 8K x 4K quickly and easily. This capability will also be on display at InfoComm 2009 and will be available in the second half of 2009.