Shanghai BTHF304 Bluetooth Speaker FCC Approved

FCC recently gave green chit to Shanghai BTHF304 Bluetooth speaker. It is a well-designed device which allows users to receive or make calls while driving vehicles. It supports an excellent and good-quality wireless audio connectivity including your Bluetooth mobile phone and PDA.

The Shanghai BTHF304 Bluetooth speaker comes with awesome features, such as class II, operating range up to 10 meters, support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, text to speech with caller ID/ name/status announcement and a lot more. It also possesses voice dialing feature and plenty of user-friendly features to make or receive phone calls.

The high-end Bluetooth speaker is a good source of communication and music and provides a perfect voice and music for users. The multitalented device can automatically update the software, which allows users to enjoy latest software with ease.

The Shanghai BTHF304 Bluetooth speaker’s kit consists of a user manual and 12/24V car charger set that keep users away from the hassle of running out of the battery. Its integrated AV Mode functions and therefore, you can easily connect it with other compatible devices including multimedia players to play stereo music.

Via: FCC