Serious Materials QuietHome Soundproof Doors

Serious Materials recently unveiled its new line of THX Certified QuietHome soundproof doors. Specially designed for commercial studios, high-end home theaters, conference rooms and offices, the door provides considerable noise reduction.

“At THX, we believe great sound and picture is achieved through the right mix of audio-video components, room design, sound isolation and acoustic performance,” said John Dahl, director of education at THX.

While the 1? mm thick entry level door has STC rating of 44, the 2? mm thick door THX-Certified QuietHome Door features has STC rating of 51. The architects and designers can now meet and suffice the standards of recording studios, commercial cinemas and home theaters.

The QuietRock soundproof drywall and viscoelastic polymer-based constrained layer damped system makes it one of its kind in the industry. The price range of the door varies from $1,495 to $2,495 which is 50% lower than other acoustic doors.

Via: Press