Sehring System 700


Sehring has recently introduced Sehring S700 SE loudspeakers. The Sehring S700 SE is a small and smart loudspeaker measuring 13″ H x 7″ W x 12″ deep. It presents such a solid impression its 19-pound weight. There is a 4-inch damped aluminum SEAS woofer which looks a bit larger than it is as it’s mounted on a felt-lined bezel which, for time-alignment purposes, extends its mounting about a half inch beyond the baffle. Connection to the S700 SE can be accomplished easily via a single pair of banana plugs. The stands and speakers are prepared in a matte finish that seems to be durable and shows no fingerprints. In short we can say that S700 SE speakers are superb little speakers without doubt class contenders if not leaders. Their most important characteristic is their clean, open and articulate midrange performance. Our review pair came in an elegant blend of silver and grey but they are currently available in any color for a $300 surcharge. However, the actual price of the speakers comes up to $2,595. By summer of 2007, the standard finish of the product is expected to change and the front baffle will be changed into silver, the body goes anthracite.

Via: Sehring