Sears And Kmart Plan To Provide Movie Streaming Service

Wow, now even major retailing stores are expanding their business into video streaming to win over consumers. Thus, Sears and Kmart are preparing to launch a digital video service for the holidays. This service is called Alphaline Entertainment, which will be available on TV sets and Blu-ray players from companies such as Sharp, LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and RCA by year’s end. Customers who want this service will led through the set-up process by customer service representatives at the store so that they can start using it as soon as they get home.

Interestingly enough, Best Buy and Wal-Mart have already broken into the market of streaming video with the same technology that Sears and Kmart are using. Best Buy is using a service known as Sonic Solutions’ RoxioNow streaming. Furthermore, Sonic reports that it’s providing at five thousand new release movies at this time. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart made a partnership with Vudu, which was purchased in February and they intend to provide this streaming service to wireless, electronic devices available in its stores. However, Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand are also active competitors in this market.

Obviously, these stores are motivated to get into video streaming since conventional media product sales are falling into decline and they expect the same thing to happen to DVD sales in the near future. Therefore, they are focused on providing video streaming for devices such as TV sets, Blu-ray players, tablets and other consumer electronics.