Seagate Technology Cheetah 15K.6 full disk encryption hard drive

Seagate Technology recently launched its Cheetah 15K.6 full disk encryption hard drive. Specifically designed for storage arrays and mission critical servers, it is the world’s first self-encrypting hard drive. Take the hard drive anywhere in the world and encryption moves with it.

Mission critical enterprise data can now be secured as self encryption not only secures the data but also manages it and delivers improved performance. There is no need to change the operating system, databases or applications to encrypt it. Instantaneous Key-Erase technology ensures quick and secure removal.

Data center information security is benefited by self-encrypting drives. “Many organizations are considering drive-level security for its simplicity in helping secure sensitive data through the hardware lifecycle from initial setup, to upgrade transitions and disposal,” said Eric Ouellet, research vice president, Secure Business Enablement, Gartner. Though the price of the hard disk is not yet disclosed, it is surely going to set standards in security environment.

Via: Press