Seagate Barracuda Green Eco-Friendly Hard Drives

Barracuda Green is the new eco-friendly desktop hard drive which will be released soon by Seagate. It is designed with the cache memory of 64 MB. During the normal operation mode it consumes merely 5.8Watt of power. During idle mode it will need only 4.5 W reserve power. Available with the capacities 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB, the Seagate Barracuda Green is accessible either with 6 GB/s interface of SATA and 64MB cache memory or 3 GB/s interface of SATA and 32MB cache.

Other specifications include 5900RPM spindle speed, random write time <13.0ms, average areal density of 422 GB/in2, random read time <12.0ms, 4.16ms average latency and 144mbps constant data transfer rate.

It includes Smart Align technology of Seagate that allows you to gain the benefits of newly advanced Format 4K standard without any stress-no utilities, no additional steps. This technology also simplifies the transition to the format 4K standard.