Comcast Forces Netflix Partners to Pay Streaming Fee

Netflix is currently one of the greatest ways to consume content. Not only acn you send away for a mail-order DVD that will (in most cases) arrive at your house the next business day but they also have their stream instantly service. If you couldn’t tell by the name, this service allows you to instantly stream titles from an extensive library.

While this is extremely convenient, it’s also quite bandwidth extensive which is no problem considering very few ISPs here in the United States cap bandwith. Unfortunately, it seems that Comcast has decided to raise a stink about it actually forcing Netflix partners who utilize Comcast service for streaming to pay a reoccuring fee.

This report comes from Level 3 Communications who provides Netflix with its streaming technology. Of course, Comcast quickly came forth to say it has nothing to do with Netflix and instead focuses on the level of bandwidth Level 3 Communications uses up but let’s be honest, a good chunk of that bandwidth is used for Netflix.

Let’s just hope the fees aren’t raised.

via ubergizmo