Screen Innovations Has a New HD Projector Screen Material Ready For Market

The resolution of which people consume content is seemingly ever increasing with most of the market currently being satisfied with 1080p (commonly referred to as full HD). One of the most popular ways other than utilizing an HDTV to consume content is with a projector. However, to get a good result with a project users are forced to use a project screen of sorts. In the psat it was acceptable to utilize a normal screen no matter what kind of projector you have but Screen Innovations is looking to change all of that.

The reason I say this is because they are coming out with a brand new projector screen material that is specially desgined for 1080p projector playback. Apaprantly, Screen Innovations’ new HD projector screen is embossed so it looks completely smooth to the human eye making for the ‘ultimate viewing experience’.

via projectorpeople