Panasonic SC-BT730 Home Theater System Review-Compact But Powerful

So we’re wrapping up another great week of looking at home theater gear, and considering we just tackled one high-end Panasonic system yesterday, I figured we’d do pretty well to tackle a second.  So today, we’re talking about the Panasonic SC-BT730, which performs a lot like the SC-BT330 but with better hardware.

The Panasonic SC-BT730 is a thousand watt, 5.1 channel home theater system that offers a Blu-ray player, Internet connectivity for easy access to online content sources like Bloomberg and Amazon Video, among others (wireless LAN capability is also available, but you’ll need an adapter), a variety of built-in surround sound decoders like Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential, a variety of playback options, wireless rear speakers, a two hundred fifty watt subwoofer, an on-board iPod dock, and digital noise reduction.

You can see that it does boast some extras to it, and the performance actually is just a little bit better (they’re very similar in terms of sound performance but if I had to give the edge to anyone it’d definitely be to the 730) than the 330.  Everything else, meanwhile, is fairly similar.

Though interestingly enough, when you look at these two systems, a difference does spring to mind immediately: the 730 actually looks a bit smaller.  It’s a little tough to tell, but when I looked at the two of them, it certainly seemed as though the 730 took up just a bit less room than the 330.  This could be an important difference for some folks.

Best Buy is selling these at six hundred bucks, which is a little hefty price-wise, but rest assured that you’re getting a very good product, from what I could tell.

So if you’re looking to change out or upgrade your home theater, then spare a look at the Panasonic SC-BT730, a compact but powerful system.