Save on Your Home Theater Purchase

One way to save big on home theater systems is to look for refurbished products. Most people think of ‘refurbished’ as meaning the product is comprised of old, used parts that have been torn down and reassembled to make the item functional, but in the world of consumer electronics this is not necessarily the case. Some of the categories of products that are considered ‘refurbished’ items in consumer electronics include customer returns (which are marked down because the box has been opened even though the product is new), shipping damage (which often is confined to the box only and does not necessarily effect the item inside), cosmetic damage (which can be very minor and nearly imperceptible, including smudges and scratches), and demonstration items (which are totally functional and new but have been used by the store to display the product out of the box).

If the discount doesn’t seem to match the situation, ask for the department manager.  In this climate, negotiation is definitely an option. You may find it is worth it to the store to discount your item more deeply just to get it out of inventory.