LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV

LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV Panel CES 2009 is round the corner. LG is very excited regarding the upcoming CES. The company unveiled the world’s first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel with a remarkable 480 refresh rate per sec. Establishing a tradition of Ultra high speed images with vivid representation, the latest model boasts a response time (MPRT) of 4ms, which is quite lower.

“The world’s first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel is planned to hit the market in the second half of 2009. LG Display will provide its customers with unique, high-end products while delivering crisp picture quality for fast moving images.” noted Mr. Eddie Yeo, Executive Vice President and Head of LG Display TV Business Unit.

Enjoy crystal clear image quality with darker darks and brighter whites. The scanning backlight technology employed in the LG Display lets the backlight get turned on and off repeatedly thereby reducing the motion blur. It also decreases energy consumption. The company will unveil this LCD TV at the CES 2009.