Sapphire 56-inches Quad-HDTV in store

Sapphire’s 2160p LCD TV will be the next “IT” thing soon hitting the HDTV market. Recently, Sapphire jumped the Quad HDTV bandwagon by making an attempt to produce the 56-inch LCD display with 3860×2160 pixel resolution. It doesn’t take time to remember the Westinghouse Company, which experimented with the first ever Commercial Quad HDTV in January 2007. Though it spearheaded the revolution in HDTVs but Sapphire has taken this innovative effort a step further.

Well, good news for the die-hard gamers is the 8.3 mega-pixel resolution. Wow! Run the gamut and experience a new high in video gaming with the Sapphire’s high-end offering. Apparently, good things come in good money. So, Sapphire may leave a deep-cut on your pocket but it is surely a worthwhile product for gamers.

Sapphire showcased this Big Thing at Computex this year. However, the surprise package was its range of graphic cards, which was also put on display. The series included ATI Radeon 3870, Atomic Edition 3850, Radeon 4850 and 4870 models. The “4K”, 56-inches colossal LCD TV would perhaps cost less than $60,000.

Via: Press