Sangean HDT-1X HD Radio Lineup with Deluxe Component Tuner


Sangean America, a subsidiary of Sangean Electronics, recently introduced a version of its first generation HD Radio component tuner HDT-1X, with enhancements made after taking into consideration the customers need and their choice. The updated radio features Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format (S/PDIF) optical output- 100% digital, almost lossless, signal transmission. The radio works on analog mode and allows listeners to “lock in” an analog signal in fringe areas where the coverage is very less. Additionally it supports Split-Audio Mode- Digital Audio in one channel and Analog audio in the other which facilitates users to hear and feel the difference between analog and digital signals. The HDT-1X uses the same display and enclosure as the Sangean earlier models. This Radio would be available to the listeners in the middle of June. The HDT-1X will have a suggested retail price of $249.99.