Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display Monitor

Apple, the manufacturer of superb technical products, is proud to launch its new 24-inch LED Cinema Display Monitor. Featuring a built-in iSight Video Camera and speakers, this monitor sports an elegant look with its aluminum and glass enclosure. It comes with an integrated MagSafe charger, Mini DisplayPort and three USB 2.0 ports.

"The new LED Cinema Display is the most advanced display that Apple has ever made," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "It is a perfect fit for our sleek new line of aluminum MacBooks with its 24-inch LED-backlit screen, aluminum and glass enclosure, integrated camera, mic and speakers, MagSafe charger, three USB ports and Mini DisplayPort."

The new Apple LED Cinema Display Monitor incorporates mercury-free LED technology and is considered as the greenest Apple display ever. Since it meets all the requirements of an Energy Star 4.0 device, it is tagged as one of the energy saving products.

Via: Press