Samsung UN55B7100 Television Review-Not At This Price

Normally I don’t preface a review by talking about prices.  Normally, I don’t…but today it requires that I begin with the price because it underscores the entire review.  The price of a Samsung UN55B7100 on Amazon is about twenty six hundred fifty bucks.  And it lists for about thirty five hundred bucks.

You might think that a television that costs so much money that the sales tax on it alone might well buy a pretty good smaller television would be downright amazing.  And that’s the problem.  The Samsung UN55B7100 is NOT amazing.
Granted, the Samsung UN55B7000 is an ultra slim fifty five inch LED 1080p television with a forty percent energy savings over LCD televisions, and also offers the [email protected] online content service from Yahoo!, Flickr, and YouTube (you have to supply your own broadband connection) four HDMI inputs, one component input, two USB inputs, one Ethernet input, one PC input, and one optical digital audio output.

And further granted that we’re talking about an LED rather than an LCD.  But still, even with that energy savings it’s still hard to accept paying nearly four grand for a TV that, if you replace the E with a C in the title would be available for less than half the cost.

But the picture–at least on the model I tried–wasn’t really that great, and got worse the closer you got, and the sound was at least passable.;  But for nearly four thousand dollars I expect better than decent and passable.  And you should too.