Blockbuster DVD Kiosk Fatally Flawed?

So I was reading about the adventures of a guy over at WalletPop, the website that gives you money-saving tips and suchlike when he starts talking about what we’ve been talking about here for weeks now, the Blockbuster DVD kiosk.

And his initial use suggests there are several problems with it, specifically: limited selection, slow operation, rushed browsing, the end of discovery, and that returns hog the machine.

He’s got a very good set of points in at least half of this–being in a line to try and figure out what you want is a horrible idea at best.  But most of his problems will be solved by a simple paradigm shift.  From now on you’ll use Blockbuster Online to figure out what you want, and then you’ll take your list to that kiosk for fulfillment.  There’s where you get your discovery, end the rushed browsing and not be so worried about slow operation because you already know what you want and you can zip right along.

That and when the download kiosks go through and you can just plug in an SD or USB card, you won’t have near as much trouble.