Samsung UN46B8000 Television Review-The Next Step Up

The last time we reviewed a Samsung LED television here, we had a LOT of good things to say about it.  Perhaps the only real problem was with the Samsung’s bizarre indented control scheme, but aside from that, the Samsung LED line was starting to look like it was in pretty good shape.  The Samsung UN46B8000 will carry on that line, giving me all sorts of hope for the future of Samsung.

The  Samsung UN46B8000 is a forty six inch 1080p LED television with a twenty watt speakers system with SRS TruSurround, a swivel stand, four HDMI ports, one component video port, a PC input, an Ethernet port, two USB ports, one optical audio output port, and Samsung’s exclusive [email protected], which features access to Yahoo! Widgets, Flickr, Twitter, Rallycast, Blockbuster On Demand, Ebay and You Tube services.

There’s plenty to like about this, including a great picture and sound to match, and the price isn’t out of line for an LED television at two thousand bucks at Best Buy.  It’s definitely a higher end model, so you’ll pay accordingly, but if that doesn’t sound bad to you, then you’ll want a look at the Samsung UN46B8000.