Samsung UN46B6000VF Television Review-The Unfair Upgrade Toll Box

I know that title is a little on the inflammatory side, so I assure you, there’s nothing libelous going on here.  I’m going to take issue with Samsung’s business practices as represented by today’s review target, the Samsung UN46B6000VF.

The Samsung UN46B6000VF is a forty six inch 1080p LED television with Wide Color Enhancer Pro technology, a four millisecond response time, Auto Motion Plus processing, SRS TruSurround, two USB ports, a PC input, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, and one Ethernet port.

Right away, i can say that the system itself is pretty sweet.  In isolation, it’s a terrific television, with incredible picture (LEDs have a way of doing that) and at least decent sound, especially from just the internal twenty watt speakers. But there’s a pretty substantial problem–there are a whole slew of HDMI ports, but only one component video input.

Basically, if you want to shell out the sixteen hundred bucks that Best Buy wants for this bad boy, you’ll have to, in turn, upgrade your DVD system, your receiver, and anything else you might hook to it because, surprise surprise, you don’t have HDMI ports on your old stuff!

A little bit of a low blow, but still, if you’ve got up to date hardware laden with HDMI ports, then this is a great way to show them off.